Tram 28

The iconic tram 28, folks! Which means that (A) will be crowded through peak season, (B) it’s worth it if you decide to be an early bird for the day.

( C ) We promised that as soon you board the vintage yellow tram, you’ll be transported back in time, surrounded by charming wooden interiors and nostalgic vibes. Now that you know what to expect, get ready to weave through narrow streets, conquer steep hills, and feel the rush of adrenaline as the tram navigates tight corners throughout the most emblematic neighbourhoods like Graça, Alfama, Baixa, Chiado and São Bento. Keep your camera ready, as every corner hides a picture-perfect moment to level up your feed! (we know, we know…)

Noteworthy tips:
• Another way to avoid the biggest crowds is to hop on the tram at the last stop (Campo de Ourique) and do the scenic route in reverse (last stop will be Martim Moniz).
• You can buy a 24hour public transport ticket from one of the metro stations (6,60€) that will allow you to use all public transport in Lisbon, including the lifts (Santa Justa lift for example)
• The identification of the tram at the stop will be “E28, as in “E” stands for elétrico (tram) in portuguese.


Discover the quirky, vibrant, and oh-so-cool Lx Factory!

This former industrial complex has been transformed into a haven for artists, creators, and dreamers, making it the perfect destination for those seeking a unique and offbeat experience.

As you explore this creative playground, you’ll stumble upon a plethora of hip boutiques, trendy cafes, and art galleries that will captivate your senses. Indulge in retail therapy like no other as you browse through the eclectic mix of local designer shops and independent stores, offering everything from fashion and home decor to handmade crafts and unique souvenirs. Make sure you dont miss their sundays market!

Noteworthy tips:
You have several options to travel to Lx Factory besides Uber.
• Bus 714, departs from Praça da Figueira (Arrival stop: calvário)
• Bus 727, has stops at central locations like praça Marquês do Pombal and largo do Rato (Arrival stop: calvário)
• Tram 15, departs from Praça da Figueira (Arrival stop: calvário)
• By taking the Cascais train from Cais do Sodré (Arrival stop Alcântara-Mar). When you hop off the train you should look for the stairs to the left out of the station to cross the road. Once in the other side of the road you should cross to the left (west) and LX Factory should be 10-min. distance from you.


Dear explorer, when you finally reach Portas do Sol, the real magic happens. Why? Picture this: panoramic views of Lisbon stretching out before you, the sun gently caressing your skin, and a gentle breeze tousling your hair. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to pinch yourself and say, “Yep, I’m definitely in Lisbon!”

Not only is Portas do Sol a feast for the eyes, but it’s also a feast for the taste buds. The nearby terrace café offers a delectable selection of Portuguese treats, from the famous pastéis de nata to mouthwatering bacalhau dishes. So grab a seat, sip on a refreshing ginjinha, and let Lisbon flirt with you.

Noteworthy tips:
• A few steps away you can find another postcard view, miradouro de Santa-luzia
• Go early in the morning if you wish to take some panoramic pictures with no crowds
• To get there you can take the bus 737 or the tram 12E, 28E.


Are you ready to embark on a pastry adventure that will make your taste buds sing and your belly do a happy dance? Look no further than Pasteis de Belém, the holy grail of Portuguese pastries!

Considered a national treasure, these heavenly treats are warm, flaky, and filled with a creamy custard that will transport you straight to dessert nirvana. And we are sharing the secret to taste the right way:

1. Grab your pastel de nata and sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar (don’t forget the portuguese expresso too!)
2. Wait 5vish-min. to taste it because it will be suuper warm!
3. This pastry shop has beautiful surroundings, sit down in the park in front of the building and enjoy!
In summary, dear pastry enthusiast, if you find yourself in Lisbon, Pasteis de Belém is an absolute must-visit.

Noteworthy tips:
• If you wish to eat inside go early (between 9-10:30am during peak season)
• The take away queue may look long, but it’s super faast! We never waited more than 15min.
• You can get to Pastéis de Belém by one of the buses: 1714, 714, 729, 751 or you can take the Cascais train from Cais do Sodré and hop off the train at “Belém” stop.


Picture this: dimly lit room, cozy ambience, and the hauntingly beautiful sound of Fado filling the air. As you sip on your portuguese wine, the passionate voices of the singers will transport you to a world where love, longing, and melancholy reign supreme. Prepare to feel every word that’s sung, as if it were your own story being told through this type of Portuguese singing.

Noteworthy tips:
• If you wish too book a Fado show you should look through the neighborhood of Alfama or Bairro Alto
• To listen to some free Fado shows you can go to places like ‘Tasca do Chico’, they have shows everyday but you must arrive early (before 8pm) to get a seat.
• Fado shows must be attended in silence, it can be found disrespectful to sing a long, parallel conversations or even phones ringing, so make sure it is on silence/plane mode.
• Most of the restaurants in old neighborhoods don’t take cards, so have some cash with you.


Through your first strolls around Lisbon you will quickly realize that the tiles are some of the most unique characteristics of Portuguese culture. They are everywhere. They will take over your camera roll. They will make you curious. You’ll start to wander: how did it all started? Well well well, Tile museum has all the answers – as you stroll through the museum, that is housed within the former Madre De Deus convent from the 16th century, be prepared to be awestruck by the sheer beauty and intricacy of the tiles on display. From breathtaking mosaic masterpieces to delicate hand-painted pieces, it has it all. Their collection spans centuries, showcasing the evolution of tile art in Lisbon and beyond.

Noteworthy tips:
• Closed on mondays
• Opens from 10am – 6pm and the entrance fee is 5€ (free for Lisbon Card)
• You can get there by bus 718, 742, 794, 759


One of our favorite hidden gems!

From the moment you enter, you’ll be greeted by a sparkling display of jewels fit for royalty. Feast your eyes on the glittering tiaras, necklaces, and brooches that once adorned the nobility of Portugal. Imagine the stories behind each precious gem – who wore it, where it was worn, and the tales of romance and power that it holds.

As you make your way through the museum, you’ll also encounter historical documents and manuscripts, providing a fascinating insight into the lives of those who once ruled over Portugal. From royal decrees to personal letters, these documents offer a window into the daily affairs of the monarchy.

Oh, and did we mention the stunning views? The Museu do Tesouro Real is located in one of Lisbon’s most iconic buildings, offering panoramic views of the city. So make sure to take a moment to soak in the beauty of Lisbon while you’re there.

Noteworthy tips:
• Open everyday from 10am – 6pm and the entrance fee is 10€ (free for Lisbon Card)
• You can buy the combo ticket (13€) that also gives you access to Ajuda National Palace
• You can get there by bus 729, 742, 760, 771